Meet the Creative Minds behind ZIZI Snaps

Meet the Creative Minds behind ZIZI Snaps

ZIZI Snaps on Jul 15th 2019

Hello ZIZI F&F!

We're coming to you today with a behind the scenes look at how we came to life. We'd like to introduce you to our Hoosier co-founders, Shadi & Amanda.

Q. Give us a little background 411.

Shadi-Two words. “Serial Entrepreneur.” Shadi has a passion for helping those in need. If someone comes to him with a problem, you better believe he will find a solution to execute.

Amanda-A creative visionary. That explains why these two work so well together. Amanda shares the same passion for helping others. They decided to put their brains together to do just that.

Q. Tell us the ZIZI Snaps story.

We both believe in living out your WHY and helping those in need. Many of you might ask what that means, so we're going to share with you. For years, we were going through the motions of life day by day. One day we stopped and asked ourselves, "WHY are we grinding so hard every single day?" We felt that we were lacking a purpose behind our chaotic lives. Did we mention how chaotic and stressful the day to day was? I'm sure we can all relate to this. We live in a very fast-paced environment and have to make high-level, high-stress decisions every day. That's where CBD came into the picture. In Indiana, CBD was legalized in 2019. We both began taking CBD to help with stress, anxiety, pain relief, and sleep. Six months after beginning our CBD journey---neither of us were taking prescription medications anymore and our quality of life had sky-rocketed. We began conversations of starting a CBD company, but we wanted to deliver a product that could help the general public and their introduction to this new industry. In May, we were sitting together during a brainstorming session and decided to deliver a new technology that had not yet hit the market. The easy-snap technology.

“snap. squeeze. enjoy."

Keep it Simple.

Q. How did you decide to brand ZIZI Snaps?

Funny story behind the branding of ZIZI Snaps, actually. We'll let Shadi tell this one.

"Amanda starts every day off with saying "I need..." and you never know what's coming out of her mouth. She probably says "I need (something)" at least 100 times a day. So as we were deciding on a branding platform, this seemed like the perfect solution. We feel that many people can relate to this "I Need.." feeling and we wanted to provide a solution that the general public could easily relate to. ZIZI Snaps is all about "Keeping it Simple," so we have decided to release 4 SKUs for our initial product launch:"





These were the main “I NEED” statements we hear on a daily basis. We wanted to create a simplified grab&go product. We know you make a million decisions every day, so we wanted to take the guess work out for our consumers. It’s simple. The customer needs sleep-it’s literally black and white. They need energy, focus, general relief...grab a CBD sachet and get on with the rest of your day! Keep it Simple.

Q. How is ZIZI Snaps any different from the other CBD brands on the market?

We didn’t want to bring you just another CBD brand. We are well aware of the thousands of different brands currently on the market. Shadi and Amanda spent time researching new ideas such as new technologies, new price points, targeted CBD oils, the use of terpenes in our CBD oil, etc. When we found the easy-snap technology, we knew we had to jump on the opportunity. Just in talking to close family and friends, we found that it was difficult to get people to purchase an entire bottle of CBD tincture for $50 or higher before they had even tried it. So, we wanted to create a product that people can try at a fair price point before buying their month’s supply.

Q. Where can we purchase ZIZI Snaps products?

Be on the lookout in your nearest c-stores, gas stations, liquor stores, spas, fitness centers, CBD shops, boutiques, etc. All CBD products for stress, sleep, anxiety, and focus can be purchased on

Q. When can we start purchasing ZIZI Snaps Products?

We are hoping to go live before the end of August. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated via social media posts to let you know when the product will be arriving! We’re happy to have you following our journey! Thank you for all of the love & support!!