Sustainability & the CBD Industry.

Sustainability & the CBD Industry.

ZIZI Snaps on Aug 21st 2019

More and more CBD companies are aligning their values with sustainability efforts in order to protect the environment. This tends to be quite a controversial issue with single-use products, so we wanted to share our company values and efforts that we’re using to push towards the sustainability movement.

Grown in the USA.

ZIZi Snaps has chosen to partner with a high quality hemp farm right here in the United States where all hemp plants are hand-picked, naturally dried, and the flower is separated from the stem material. The extraction of the oil uses a Co2 process which does not use any solvent (including alcohol) in the formulation of our products. We stand behind this partnership as they pride themselves on not using harmful chemicals. Any additives are purely natural-no preservatives or emulsifiers and all flavoring is natural. 

We were very careful in picking our hemp farm partnership. With sustainability in mind, ZIZI Snaps has been selective in partnerships throughout our entire supply chain. Our hemp is grown outdoors, rather than indoors where more electricity is used in the growing process. According to Forbes, some current building and energy codes actually force indoor growers to use more energy than necessary with requirements that can be damaging to plants unless they use high-energy consumption mitigators. Indoor cultivation uses the least amount of water but it’s also the most energy-intensive growing method. Many cannabis companies are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint while continuing to meet local regulations, including ZIZI Snaps.

Manufactured in the USA.

Another way cannabis companies are hoping to become more sustainable is through packaging changes. To date, state regulators have been concerned with a contaminant-free supply chain, appropriate labeling and keeping cannabis products out of the reach of children. That’s led to state laws, such as one in Washington State, that mandates requirements such as every product being individually wrapped. So, multi-serving packages of edibles and concentrates must have each serving be self-contained. Hence, why ZIZI Snaps provides the single-use servings of hemp products that are pre-measured and individually packaged in hopes of staying in alignment with future nationwide regulations throughout the industry. According to Forbes, LA mandates that so-called “exit bags” for edibles be made of unrecyclable Mylar.

Packaged in the USA.

We, as a company, would love to be 100% sustainable. However, that’s not always possible. We do strive to leave a minimal carbon footprint behind and here’s how. From the growth, manufacturing, and minimal packaging of our product, we are in constant efforts to align our company with sustainable processes. The EasySnap technology is a new worldwide standard for single dose unit of liquid products. ZIZI Snaps chose the one-hand opening system against traditional opening systems (bottling, four side seal tear top pillow sachet, single-use tubes, etc.) for many reasons, keeping sustainability in mind. First, being the ease of use, especially for elders that may struggle to open products with two hands due to arthritis or disabilities. The EasySnap does not have extra air in it, providing a longer shelf life and leaving zero room for product contamination. The Easy Snap is hygienic, whereas a bottle of hemp oil is susceptible to bacterial contamination after each use. From a sustainability standpoint, the manufacturing of the EasySnap technology is more efficient. If we were to use a single-use bottle, the manufacturing process would be much more intensive as you would have to use multiple components such as a bottle, a cap, a dropper, along with product labeling. This would also mean more items to add to a production line. With the EasySnap, ZIZI has been able to lower our operational and manufacturing footprint. We have also made a conscious effort to minimalize our packaging. Our product is smaller than a credit card, so we use less packaging than most traditional, single-use delivery methods i.e, a bottle, a syringe, tube, etc.

While our product may not be 100% sustainable, we are evolving with the CBD industry and making sure to leave as minimal of a carbon footprint as we possibly can. As we grow, ZIZI Snaps will continue to push towards sustainability efforts.

As always, thanks so much for the support! Until next time ZIZI F&F! 

Source: Forbes Article