Terpenes 101.

Terpenes 101.

ZIZI Snaps on Jul 11th 2019

As you begin to purchase cannabis products, you’re most likely going to come across the term “terpenes” if you haven’t already. Many companies, including Zizi Snaps, are adding terpenes to their CBD products to fulfill the “entourage effect.” (We’ll fill you in on that one later.)

So, what are terpenes you may ask?

Good question. Keep reading and we’ll fill you in. To put it simply, terpenes are essential oils used to naturally enhance the effects of CBD to target specific ailments, providing a multitude of medicinal benefits. Now that you know what they are, you may be asking yourself “what do they do?” and “what types of medicinal benefits are we talking about?” It’s okay. We asked the same questions. We’ll help you figure it out step by step.

What do terpenes do?

Terpenes are the aromatic compounds found in most plants and some insects. In lieu of a healthy ecosystem, they work to ward off any plant-eating mongrels while also attracting helpful pollinators.

In the cannabis plant, you will find high levels of different terpenes which give cannabis its distinctive aroma. Terpenes play a large role in differentiating different cannabis strands. Scientists have identified over 100 different terpenes within the cannabis plant. Every strain tends towards a specific terpene type and make-up. Some promote relaxation and stress relief while others zone in on focus and acuity just to name a few. Linalool may help with relaxation and Limonene can help elevate your mood.

What are the benefits of using terpenes?

Terpenes have many natural benefits when they’re isolated. However, they play into the “entourage effect” we mentioned earlier. First, let’s start with explaining the entourage effect. This means that the effect profile of any terpene can change when in the presence of other compounds. Scientists are still doing research on the different effects of terpenes when used single handedly or compounded with others. It’s the whole plant that does the best job at healing our body-not just one specific compound. Terpenes can intensify effects of the cannabinoids. For example-some strands can provide the couch lock effect, while others may energize you. This is an example of the entourage effect driven by both cannabinoids and terpenes. Currently there are 20,000 different terpenes, 100 of which exist in the cannabis plant. Selecting strains based on the terpenes’ effects can help you achieve specific results you desire.

Stay tuned for additional terpene educational pieces in future blog posts!!

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