ZIZI Snaps Takes on Shark Tank!

ZIZI Snaps Takes on Shark Tank!

ZIZI Snaps on Jul 17th 2019

So, our co-founders did a thing yesterday!

On Monday night, they were made aware of the Shark Tank Casting Call in Indianapolis, at 10pm mind you. The next morning was a VERY early morning! By 630am, they were down at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway preparing to introduce us to the outside world.

By 9am, they were handed wristbands which told them their position in line to pitch their presentation. Number 081. Once they had the wristbands, Shadi and Amanda headed back to the car to practice their pitch. 1145am was a monumental moment.

WRTV6, a local news channel, approached our founders seconds before presenting and asked to hook them up to a mic. Lights, Camera, Action. In 60 seconds, they pitched our new easy- snap CBD sachets and the news station interviewed them immediately after. How cool??

We were all a little camera shy, but hey-ZIZI Snaps made its FIRST debut on live TV for the majority of Indiana to see! It felt so great to expose our little secret we’ve been keeping from everyone. ZIZI Snaps will be launching within the next month.

What product will ZIZI Snaps be launching?

Life is complicated, right? Yeah, we get it. That’s why we like to Keep it Simple around here. Our products contain a proprietary blend of terpenes that help you get from where you are today to where you want to be. ZIZI Snaps is offering 4 unique products that make using CBD as simple as snap, squeeze, and enjoy.

We are introducing the easy-snap technology to the everyday human being without the frills and hefty price tags. The easy-snap is SO easy to use, hygienic, pocket-friendly (in more ways than one), and smaller than a credit card--perfect for the busy, chaotic lifestyles! The cbd sachets will house 1mL of thc free, non-psychoactive, terpene-rich hemp oil. Our 4 targeted hemp oils are:





For about the price of a gallon of gas (dependent upon where you live), you can see how cbd can help you!

Why did you choose the easy-snap technology?

Our sachets are black and white-literally. They are all natural, pre-measured and hygienic. Why do we keep saying that our sachets are hygienic? Let us explain…Instead of sticking a dropper full of your mouth bacteria back into a bottle of CBD oil, you just throw the sachet away after use. Zero contamination to your tincture. Keep it Simple.

When will you know if ZIZI Snaps made it to Shark Tank in LA?

If we get a phone call from the producers before July 26th, we’re LA bound! If not, it was such a surreal experience that we were blessed to have and we’ll try again next session! Follow us on Social Media for updates! @zizicbd

Want to watch the full segment from WRTV6? Click here.